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A little about us:

In 1997 we were wanting to start a family and I was trying to find something that I enjoyed doing, while working from home.   I started making handmade soaps and selling them at the Portland Saturday Market.   After two years other products were introduced (candles, lotions, etc.)    After a few years, Jenteal Soaps ventured into the wholesale market and it's been a wonderful journey ever since.  I want to sincerely thank the Portland Saturday Market and all the wonderful people surrounding it and helping build our foundation.   Thank you also to each and every customer, retail and wholesale, that has supported us along the way.  
It seems shocking to me that I've been making soap for 21 years!   With three children (Peter, Ben and Sophia) and an enjoyable business, I am extremely grateful to have made a living doing something that I enjoy so much.  Peter, Ben and Sophia help out often and have been such an important part of Jenteal Soaps.
To every customer, I truly appreciate all your support throughout the years!   To my family and friends, thank you for helping me test products and giving honest feedback and encouragement.   A special thank you to my mom, Judy, for endless and unconditional love and help in every way imaginable. 



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