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Mom Da' Bomb!

$ 6.00

Ya know those moments that we all have as parents when you just hope to 'keep it together'?  Well one day a few years back, I was having one of those moments, my son walked in, took one look at me, and said "RUN FOR COVER, SHE'S GONNA BLOW!".  It was so perfect, I went from fuming to laughing so hard tears started streaming.  Let's just say that it is a saying in our house you'll hear from time to time, always with a silly smile. 

"Run for Cover, She's gonna blow!" is written on the front of each of the labels, as well as a little drawing of mom with a fuse coming out of her head.  This was a fun one to make that I think every parent can identify with.  :)

Scent:  Cantaloupe and Orange, yum!

Handmade soap: 5 - 6 oz.      $6

Soy Blend Candle: 10 oz.    Burn time approximately 55 hours.  Please keep the wick trimmed to ensure a longer lasting candle :)      $15

8 oz. Lotion:  A wonderful thick lotion packaged with a pump for easy use.    $12

3 oz. Body Butter:  Moisturizing body butter with shea butter.  Silky smooth.   $8

Organza Gift Bag:  2 oz. Lotion and Soap packaged in cute organza gift bag.     $12

Large Spa Gift Bag:  8 oz. Bubble Bath, 4 oz. Bath Salts, 3 oz. Body Butter and Handmade Soap, packaged in a soft vinyl and organza Spa Bag.     $25



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