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Triple Layered Medium Soy Blend Candles

Regular price $ 6.00

Once in awhile we have a group of 'oops' candles.  The temperature when we poured the third layer was a little off, so the two layers blended a bit.  Still the same exact candle,scent, and wonderful to burn and enjoy,but doesn't have the clean line we strive for. OR...a color didn't turn out exactly how we had wanted.  The fronts are all 'perfect'

Normally $14.95

ON SALE!  $6 each!

While Supplies last. (4-6 left of each)

Harvest:  Spiced Apple, Pumpkin Spice, Hazelnut

Cranberry Spice, Creme Brulee, Cinnamon

Cascadia:  Rain, Vanilla, Balsam Fir

Enjoy :)